Brand Ambassador Program


  • Be the first to try new ANSI® products before they hit the market.
  • Aggressive deep discounts off of already discounted web pricing to give out to friends/clients/followers (Individualized Brand Ambassador Personal Product code), plus huge 15% commission on every sale you generate.
  • 40% off of web pricing on ANSI products with the use of codes (Brand Ambassador Sales code).
  • ANSI Promotional Products, Swag & Apparel (as available).
  • Get the inside scoop on what’s happening with ANSI and what’s around the corner for ANSI.
  • Opportunity to perform demos/events on behalf of ANSI for wholesale product or cash per event.
  • Exposure via ANSI social media channels – Share your accomplishments with us and we will share them with our loyal followers. Ambassador is responsible for providing all relevant information regarding his/her events, updates and achievements in order to be showcased on the ANSI social channels.



  • Post/share a minimum of 2x Facebook or 2x Instagram promotional post per week on your personal pages. Post should always be relevant and promote ANSI in some manner. (ie: you in ANSI attire or holding/showcasing ANSI products).
  • Repost/Share/Comment at least 3x posts per week to your personal Facebook/Instagram from any ANSI social media channel.
  • Make your social profile ANSI related, either logo or caption of some sort. These can be provided for you if needed. Social media posts containing ANSI must include the following tags: #TeamANSI  #ANSInutrition #XtremeFocus  @ANSInutrition.
  • Posts and comments should aim to utilize at least three other relevant tags such as: #Fitness, #Bodybuilding, #Fitfam, #Gaming, etc.



  • Actively promote ANSI to friends, colleagues, family, etc. at gym, industry events, leisure events.
  • Wear ANSI apparel when competing/participating in industry events.
  • Mention ANSI when participating in
    1. industry events,
    2. charitable/community involvement,
    3. acceptance of any award,
    4. interview, either written or oral/video
  • ANSI may request you to assist in an event, promotion, photo-shoot, or video. You will be expected to be available as reasonably possible.
  • Note: ANSI will not be required to provide any financial or other reimbursement for your participation in an event, promotion, photo-shoot or video. However, you may be compensated either monetarily or with product depending on the nature, duration and type/requirements of the event (negotiated prior to event). You will not be required to participate should you incur a financial loss by attending an event/promotion, photo-shoot or video.



Brand Ambassador Form

  • Please make sure to fill out all required (*) areas of the form. After you hit "Submit", be sure to verify the confirmation text by scrolling to the bottom of the page.
    At this time, we are only accepting Brand Ambassadors from the contiguous United States.
  • Social Media

    Note: 1,000 minimum followers for serious consideration.
    We are looking for two very distinct fields of expertise: fitness and gaming. Which area do you put yourself into? If you are into both, let us know!!!
  • Fitness

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  • Gaming

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